Additional Resources

The links below provide more information on a variety of topics of interest to CRB's volunteers.

Refugees from Burma; their backgrounds and refugee experiences

This document, developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics, provides information about the diverse histories, cultures, and experiences of the refugees from Burma, with a focus on the Burmans, the Karen and their various subgroups, and the Chin.

Making It Real: Teaching Pre-literate Adult Refugee Students

This resource, created by Tacoma Community House, offers a rich collection of strategies, materials and activities for working with non-literate or semi-literate refugee adults. 

Proposed Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2011: Report to the Congress

For those interested in learning more about the refugee resettlement process, this is a good place to start. This document outlines the U.S. refugee resettlement program, and gives more detailed information about refugee groups expected to arrive in the U.S. over the coming year.


The links below provide educational materials for CRB's current volunteer tutors.

ESL Kids Lab

ESL Kids Lab contains a wealth of printable resources for young ELL students. Practice worksheets include subjects such as Math, Science, and English to build and improve upon students’ academic skills.

Using English

This website is a source of games and activities that tutors can do with students’ at all ELL levels. Much like ESL Kids Lab these activities may be best suited for elementary and middle school age children. The activities on this website would be a great icebreaker for the beginning of tutoring sessions or a wonderful way to finish-up a lesson with something fun.

Discovery Education provides resources for all grade levels, including high school age students. This website has free lesson plans for teachers and may be difficult to include in an after school setting however, in some cases, the plans can be used to reinforce themes that are presented in school. This is also a fantastic place for tutors to brush up on subjects they may have less knowledge about, such as The Civil War or The Properties of Metals (both of which are available lesson plans at Discovery Education).

Khan Academy

Sal Khan began this world-wide phenomenon by taping small lectures and posting them on YouTube for his cousins. Now students, teachers, and tutors can follow along with short, individually paced lectures and practice materials during their free time.