Youth Education Program

CRB's Youth Education Program, in partnership with Seattle Public Schools and Kent School District, offers

  • site-based, after-school academic services for high school students
  • enrichment activities for students earning community service hours
  • summer academic and enrichment programs,
  • and other activities such as applying for financial aid for college, youth job training, and leadership training. 

​This program is funded by the Refugee School Impact Grant, the Seattle Foundation Neighbor-to-Neighbor grant, and other funding sources.

Youth Program (2015-16 School Year)


Family Literacy Program

CRB's Family Literacy Program focused on:

  • preparing children for school readiness, and
  • parents on ESL and Parent Education classes. 

This program is funded by the United Way of King County.

Cycle 1 (Mar 2012 - Jun 2012)

Cycle 2 (Oct 2012 - Jan 2013)



"New Life" Adult Literacy Program

1. Teaching Word Families



2. Literacy Ladder--Sight Words



3. Literacy Ladder--Letter Sounds



4. Visual Prompts



5. Working with Grids